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9 Rustic Clay Planters to Decorate Outer & Inner Space

Clay and terracotta planters are truly organic, as they are created out of mud and baked in an old style oven. They are virtually the first artifacts that man created, and they are still around.  Clay pots add an old-world charm to our home, which can do wonders in terms of adding rustic appeal. Rustic decor is an ideal aesthetic to go along with plants due to the more weathered look that makes them feel like they have spent time outdoors. Nothing beats them on their versatility and their sustainability quotient. Scroll on for some of our favorite planters which you should try at once to give a new look to your space-

1. Hanging Planter

Hanging Planter-Modish Store

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Three grey square clay planters with copper hanger are a great way to elevate home space without shelling out thousands of bucks. This classic design will give a sophisticated and contemporary look to your place.  If you want to go with a DIY solution to create this amazing planter, all you really need is a container filled with soil, some plants and a perfect place to hang the product. Embellish it with colors, or go wild and express your creativity!

It is common to hang planters by an entryway - consider putting a row of planters beside your fence line, or adding hooks to your garden beds in your yard.

2. Wall Planters In Quirky Fish Shapes:

Wall Planters In Quirky Fish Shapes-Modish Store

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Add natural beauty at home or at work with a set of two quirky fish shapes wall planters. The fish shape of planters with a combination of blue and green color will create a modern walls cape and provide the elegant vibe to your surroundings.

Plant a unique collection of beautiful and interesting succulents, vibrant floral, or creepers to leverage the styled fish planters.

3. Wall Planters on Wire Hanger:

Wall Planters on Wire Hanger

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Bring style and elegance into your room by adding the planter painted with white and natural colors. This lightweight, durable, and flexible planter would be an adorable choice for living and dining room. Fill each of the planters with soil and finish its look with a collection of peace lily or bamboo.

The 'peace lily' is popular for its adorable appearance and easy maintenance. Its glossy green leaves and upright habit makes it best for every place.

4. Clay Mermaid Planter Shelf Sitter: Clay Mermaid Planter Shelf Sitter -Modish Store

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You can improvise your bedroom space with unique mermaid planters - decorate them with fresh plants and add some accessories like bright petals, or silk arrangements to make the room feel more cozy and fresh.

Make a lovely happy corner in your bedroom and install a shelf to place the mermaid planters and best collection of books - this style will add a colorful and cheery look to your space.

5. Wall Planter With Shelf & Coat Rack:

\Wall Planter With Shelf & Coat Rack:-Modish Store

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This is a two-in-one, simple, and classic planter which can add a traditional touch in your surroundings. Crafted from wood features shelf, and four coat hooks have an extra space to hang keys, accessories in a closet, scarves, or towels in a bathroom.

Consider hanging some less prickly pieces so that its glamorous and rustic texture does not bury inside the hooks' items.

6.Urbano Bell Fiber Clay Planters:

Urbano Bell Fiber Clay Planters-Modish Store

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Give your home some personality with ' Urbano bell fiber clay planters' and warm up the air with fresh leaves. These planters with exotic designs can add an extra vibrant to your home decor -  cheap and stylish combination clay planters are a great way to make space feel rich.

A large fig does very well in the lavish planter, located in a bright corner.

7. 3 Pots On A Wood & Wire Base:

3 Pots On A Wood & Wire Base-Modish Store

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The idea of decorating your space with three pots on wood and wire base planters is tremendous. You can fill the top of these elegant pots with a cozy of an oily disc to light up the terrace, outline the entrance of your home, or courtyard.

Add green plants, fresh herbs, or beautiful flower - Coreopsis looks excellent combined with other annuals and perennials. Try combining with phormiums, nasturtiums, and purple basil.

8. Square Clay White Wash Vases With Copper Base:

Square Clay White Wash Vases With Copper Base-Modish Store

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For a more modest look, vases with whitewash can bring a beautiful touch to your patio. This design can make a wonderful decoration if used aesthetically in your plant-filled living room or kitchen. You can add a plethora of plants including English Ivy, and White Jasmine.

9. Wire Ferris Wheel:

 Wire Ferris Wheel-Modish Store

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Using wire Ferris wheel planters give a different angle on plant hanging. This planter would be an amazing accessory in your home's decor items. Don't settle for the ordinary planter, go wild and decorate it with glitters, paintings if they don't have the color of your choice.

Add some artwork, paint the white planter with multiple colors, use silver/golden artificial leaves and glue them at the bottom of the planter in a random pattern.

Wall-mounted pots, wheel planters, Urbano Bell Fiber Clay Planters, and vases can turn your plants into lively wall art and let you re-write the decor of your home. There is a wide array of clay planters; therefore you don't have to settle for the limited planters design to bring a beautiful natural look to your home.




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