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Space Saving DIY Vertical Gardens

Vertical Gardens

Small space gardening is growing every year. New and innovative methods of growing plants are introduced every year. Here is a bunch of interesting, low cost ways of growing a vertical garden. 

1. Compartment Wall Garden

An open front box with compartments and a back hanger  can make a great vertical gardens. Easy-to-grow succulents of different types are first planted in different compartments. Interesting patterns can be created by mixing and matching the succulents selected. Make sure to have a hanger screwed into the back to hang the box to the wall. It might look difficult but the succulents are easy to grow using a light soil mix.

vertical garden modishstore

Here is the Green Wall (25 Compartments) By Gold Leaf Design Group available for $460 which comes with the succulents carefully grown and all you have to do is to hang it to the wall.

2. Pill-Box Indoor/Outdoor planters

An old favorite that is available in many stores is the Metal wall planter in different sizes which can be mixed and matched to create an interesting silhouette. Easy to install, easy to nurture plants and easy on the pocket too!

Orbea Wall Planters 

Wall Zinc Circular Orbea Planters

3. Ladder with adjustable shelves for gardening

A simple ladder against the wall can be used for hanging plants from the rungs. A slightly wider rung/shelf can be used to set small pots,jars. 

Ladder Gardening

Haussmann Teak Ladder With Adjustable Shelf for gardening

4.Clay Pots on a simple copper hanger

Give your wall a little love with this white wash clay pots on copper finish wall rack. Available at a very reasonable $68.00 from Kalalou.

Whitewashed Clay Pots on a Copper Hanger-Set of 9

5.Macrame Panel for hanging garden

A very interesting concept we found was a macrame panel hung from a rod wich is firmly and strongly woven out of nylon and can be used to hang garden pots, recycled bottles for plants, hanging plant tubes. In fact anything can be hung from this strong macrame panel. If you know how to macrame this can be a really cool DIY project.

Macrame Panel for Wall Gardening

Macrame Wall Panel for Gardening

6. Pot Head Shelf Sitters

And finally some really cute pots with river rock bases which can sit on narrow ledges, leftover space on a bathroom shelf, along the stairs. 

Pot Head Shelf Sitters

Pot Head Shelf Sitters- Clay & River Rock- by Kalalou

Happy Gardening! Watch this space for more ideas!



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