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5 Tips for styling your sofa

Pillows, throws, colors, print, texture- all words that are thrown around when describing sofa styling. But how do you put it all together and get that showroom look?

Below we share our top tips for putting together a sofa that you will love coming home to.


Do you have a color palette in your living or sitting room already? You will need to stick to this. If not, choose three colors at the very most and work with those. For example, you might go with cream, orange and navy, and select your pillows from there. While there are no rules to creating the perfect eclectic sofa, sticking with three colors (or shades of that same colour) will give your living room a calm and relaxed vibe. 


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Texture is so important, it adds depth and can really make or break the space. When selecting cushions, think about bringing in different textures and have some fun. Leather, velvet, cable knit, corduroy and metallics can all bring together your look and create visual interest. 


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Shape and size: 

When selecting your cushions, they don't have to be the same shape and size. In fact, the more variety the better. Place larger cushions at the back of your display and smaller sizes at the front, but make sure they are randomized. 

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Pattern clash: 

Whilst it is easy to go with block colors, different prints can compliment each other and bring some personality into your space. Have fun with different patterns and mix it up a little. Chevron, stripes, palm print and geometrics can look good, just be sure to check that they look go together as a team. 

Image via Home Beautiful 

Enjoy it and have a play!

It will take a while to get your collection together, but be sure to enjoy the process. Purchase your pillows and then edit your collection as needed. Mix it up a little each season and remember to bring in the warm throws as you head into fall and winter. Have a play with different pillow combinations and remember that your home should reflect your personality, so have fun with it! 

Our suggestions for creating a beautiful space for spring/summer: 

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As always, we are happy to help with any questions you have about pillow and throw selection, as well as anything else you might need help with- do not hesitate to contact us. 

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Fashionable Hostess for Kulture Bomb

Recently the lovely Amanda of Fashionable Hostess featured some of our Kulture Bomb pieces on her Instagram account. We just adore the way that Amanda styles home decor and table settings in her New York apartment, so we were inspired to share these with you on our blog. 

Amanda is super talented and has a way of capturing these pretty vignettes that make us want to be a part of her dinner party gatherings, or have a drink from her perfectly styled bar carts. See below for yourself and be inspired to decorate your home or apartment in pure Fashionable Hostess style: 

Pictured above: Our Tiffany Blue Wooden Box currently sold out. Contact us for information. 

Pictured above: Our Gold Geometric Jars and Gold Studded Vase. Both sold out, shop similar here.

Pictured above: Our Gold Geometric jars, sold out. Contact us for information. 

Pictured above: Chirstian Lacroix stationary and Yellow Studded Box, both sold out. Contact us for information.

Pictured above: Gold and White Vintage Vase- Shop our range here. 

We would like to thank Amanda for styling our Kulture Bomb pieces so perfectly. 

We look forward to following Amanda's family on their journey to move to Nashville, Tennessee- can not wait to see how she decorates the beautiful new home!


You can find Amanda here: 

Instagram: @fashionablehostess 





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