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Easy Farm House Chic for Your Home!

Farm house decor is a favorite all time design trend for most people. Even if you cannot afford a complete room overhaul, a few smartly selected and inexpensive elements can give a farm house rustic flavor to your room. A simple chair a side table, a head board, a ladder, a worn out mirror, some baskets, a rustic planter, any well chosen authentic element can be just the right thing for your room. We do not recommend that you should change everything in a room, just a single element adds that flavor you want to achieve.

Credit: Liz Marie Blog

Chairs- No, you don't have to change the entire set of chairs. A single high back chair in distressed leather or two simple wooden chairs with quirky handmade back or legs can work wonders. Just choose something which is handmade or upholstered made of authentic material like unpolished wood or metal highlights.  Here are a few examples that can work. A flea market can be a good place to find such elements but you can find niche websites selling online too.

Charlie Dining Chair

Headboards - Barnhouse decor always has some fun and wacky elements. Headboards can have some pretty fun elements.

Marina Head Board

Baskets - Baskets of iron, and rattan or malu grass woven in simple shapes add utility and charm to any room. 


Planters-  Who dosen't want plants in their rooms? Use tubs, baskets, animal shapes, bicycle baskets, stone troughs, for planting your green plants. Your creativity is only limited by your ideas. 

Boards and Trays- Wooden chopping boards and slabs can be used for display. 

Gunny bags - Gunny bags especially with packing prints in foreign languages are versatile and interesting.

Ladders-  The low cost solution which can hang from the ceiling, inclined against the wall and used as a slim shelf 

Cabinets and Desks-  Amazing choices available


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