8 Classy Ways To Style Your Home Bar

Home bars are an often neglected space which could jazz up your home easily. It could be a drinks bar or a breakfast bar, we think it could turn out into an interesting space with a few winning ideas.  Go for an intimate bar with a cozy set up or an expansive one in the man cave, or one that doubles up for a breakfast bar or a tiny nook by your favorite window, check out the eight ideas for decking up your home bar.

1. Interesting Angles:

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Completing a bar layout is the most exciting part besides toasting its completion. Consider a design that can add interest to your place - don't settle for the ordinary seating and standing space.

Play with elements - install a big glass mirror behind the bar. Choose the stools of multiple colors and bar table that fits right into your place.

2. Go Gold:

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Gold can be the king of your home bar! The golden glow of your bar can give a sexy and adorable look to your entire space. Don’t go the whole gold hog but interesting highlights in gold will make the colors pop out.

Use a brass wine rack, vintage gold luster shot glasses, golden corkscrew, stools with golden polish, add brass shade to the countertop, paintings with glossy edges to grace the bar.

3. Style a Bar Cart:

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Bar cart is the most unassuming design you can add to your dream home bar. Design bar cart with flowers for a fashionable look in the living room. Make it smooth and sexy with glossy accessories like glasses for scotch, bourbon, wine, and port, golden silver pallets, and gleaming ice tray.

The best part of the bar cart is that it is on the wheel, means you can move it around and park at your favorite place.

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4. Create A Rustic Look:

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Go for a never-fail rustic look.Very few people actually use a rustic setting for their alcohol cabinet/bar area, which makes it a unique design feature, sure to draw eyes. A natural wood or an industrial type metal and mesh bar cabinet is the way to go.

A mini wine fridge with plenty of chilled bottles could warm up the air.

5. Display with Charm:

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Shelves in the bar give you an opportunity to display liquor in a unique and elegant way. Installing shelving in the bar can make the place more than just serviceable.

If your bar is located at the corner of the home, use floating wood shelves to give a traditional bar feel. But if you want to elevate your place with a modern look, glass shelves on brackets would be the best deal.  

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6. Fun With Backsplash:

The backsplash is usually ignored, but it is an area which can bring exciting transformation to your place. Rather than using simple tile for the backsplash, adding creativity and fun would be an ideal choice.

You can go for hexagon designs, wine cork art, or mirror tiles for the backsplash, modern contrast painting with a gold tray can give an organized look for your evening cocktail.

7. Mirror For An Exotic Feel:

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Using mirrors is a great way to provide an expensive and exotic look to the bar. You can play around the color, shape, and designs. If you make a wall of blue color, the place will give a classic, sleek and sexy look, but if you go for red, it gives the intense feel.

Note:- "Include plenty of velvet for a classic bistro vibe."

8. Don't Forget The Seating Area:

A seating area should be done with a killer setup - organize room with glass walls next to the bar or line up bar stools beside the table. This way, your guest can comfortably sit and enjoy while you fix them a drink.

Play with velvet twirl chairs and gold frame stools for the seating setup, or go for folk art and recycled seating.

Styling home bar is necessary if you really want to complete your home decor. Make the most of the extra of pendant lights, go creative with drinks, embrace the space, glam it up all, or use small decoration with a bit greenery. Go beyond, think creative and make your bar a perfect place to host, fun place to relax, and classic space to chill.


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