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The Ultra Cool Roost Ellipse Chair for the Summer

Comfort rules. You want to be able to sit in a good chair comfortably for a few hours and be able to talk and enjoy a glass of wine. There's nothing worse than sitting in an uncomfortable chair. Amanda Pays.

The Roost Ellipse Chair is a bohemian adaptation of the classic Acapulco chair that definitely fits the bill, whether it is on the porch, sunning, or in front of a toasty, warm fire.

Often, the one place where I can be myself, is my favorite chair. The little pleasures in life are quite simple, like sitting and being alone with oneself on a comfortable chair, with a nice, steaming cup of tea in hand. The Roost Ellipse Chair is definitely among my most favorite places!

The unique design of the Roost Ellipse Chair earned it a spot as one of the 5 best summer chairs. The Roost Ellipse Chair has been described by author Julie Carson, as the top chair in her five favorite bohemian themed chairs. The Ellipse Chair’s USP is, hands down, its simple design, which is its most admired feature. Here’s the link to the article: 5-favorites-hipster-lounge-chairs

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The Roost Ellipse chair has also been favoured by many design and decor blogs or lifestyle blogs. The Loft on Broome, the Gardenista , the Decorist have waxed eloquent on the understated elegance of this product.

The Acapulco design mimics a hammock but the chair shape lets you sit upright. The soft hand dyed cotton cords are soothing to touch. The hairpin legs are made of strong iron rods. The light weight of the chairs make it easy to drag it out to the garden or porch, patio or backyard, as you desire. You can add a cushion if you want to.

I find that the Roost Ellipse Chair is a fitting tribute to the classic 1950s in its design and timeless character. Its marvelously hand woven soft cotton cords make me feel like I’m floating on a cloud. The tonal variation of the cords is the result of the hand dye process which in turn gives this elegant silhouette its simple yet earthy appeal.

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The only downside of this chair is that one can’t decide where to use it; indoors or outdoors? The color variants help in deciding where you can place it; a lovely blue in the summer in the garden, a beige brown in the winter around the fire, and, a dusky chocolate brown in the autumn for sitting on your porch and relaxing. This chair would fit in anywhere! 

It is wonderful to see how this humble uncomplicated design gives a contemporary feel to any living space; the Roost Ellipse chair is definitely a worthy addition to your home!


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