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8 Tips for a Designer Home Look on a Shoestring Budget

Getting a designer look can be difficult, especially on a tight budget. Fortunately, there are simple solutions –even on the tightest budget– that can help you get the high-end look you dream of. Learn a few tricks from the designer's handbook on how to make your home look elegant without breaking the bank. 

1. Make your own Art - You dont need original art. High quality prints can look sophisticated when framed in a nice inexpensive frame. Go in for the simple bold prints. Chinese calligraphy characters, simple bamboo drawings or koi fishes in Japanese style in a series add style.

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Nothing adds personality like original art like children's artwork or your own effort. Try framing your child's hand print or footprint for a personal effect.

(photo credit: millybee)

Frame a picture, drawing or art, in oversize matting or framing for a sophisticated effect. Always bunch up similar frames in irregular patterns as a focal point on the wall.

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 2. Add mirrors- Mirrors make rooms seem larger and brighter. Beautifully framed mirrors also enhance a space, much like artwork. Hang some wall mirrors or lean an oversize floor mirror against the wall in common areas like a living room or dining room.

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Tight spaces expand and rooms seem roomier when you prop up a large mirror (at least three-fourths as tall as the wall). It’s a classic interior decorator’s trick to create instant―if not real―square footage.


3. Repurpose Furniture- Give your old furniture a second life. A rickety chair can become a night stand.

(image courtesy

Or an old step ladder can be a shelf stand in its new avatar.

(courtesy: pinterest)


4. Think VisuallyAdd interest to a store-bought lamp shade with the help of ribbon, glue, and an eye chart. (Print one for free online, then have it enlarged at a copy center.)


5. Placing Carpets on the Diagonal- Dramatically alter a room by changing the placement of the carpet to a diagonal. 

(image courtesy:strategiesonline)

6. Celebrate the old and imperfect- Highlight an old desk or chair. Make a well-used furniture the focal point of the room.

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7. Paint a wall, a panel, a room, a door, a window, a chair, virtually anything! Paint is a low-cost way to add impact, and has a magical effect in making your room look high-end. Go in for a bright color on one wall, or add some contrast on a pillar. It can make the room come alive. 

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As any recessionista can tell you, there's no need to spend a bundle to decorate your room. Hope you loved our tips.

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