All items found on are available for rent, excluding candles. We are happy to accommodate requests for film, television and home staging projects. Though rental pricing will vary from item to item, the weekly rental rate is typically about 10-20% of the published retail price. If you would like to rent our products for more than a week, we have special long-term discounts available. We are also open to 3-day rentals with a minimum total retail value of $1,000. In addition to rentals, we provide staging and set design services for your convenience. Please contact us to obtain a quote for your next project. Full terms and conditions are below.



Payment Terms

In order to process a rental agreement, the following payments are required:

  • A deposit equivalent to 50% of the replacement retail value of the items you are renting.
  • Payment of your rental fees in advance of picking up your order.

When all rented products are returned on time and undamaged, we will refund the 50% deposit. Any products returned after the expiration of their rental period will be charged for an additional week (see full rental period terms below). We do not provide “credits” or prorated refunds of rental fees if items are returned early. Any items that are lost or damaged will be charged 80% of the full retail value as a loss or damage fee, and we will credit the rental cost of those items towards paying the fees.

Kulture Bomb will notify the cardholder of any accrued fees before the charges are placed on the card. Any loss or damage charges will be deducted from the deposit, and once those fees have been deducted, the remaining deposit funds will be refunded.

Kulture Bomb requires a signed credit card authorization form for all orders paid by credit card, which authorizes us to bill the card for all accrued rental, late, handling, loss, and/or damage charges.


Packaging & Delivery Terms

All items must be packaged by the customer for pick up and return. Kulture Bomb is not responsible for any items that are damaged in transit (at pick up or return) and the rental applicant will need to verify that packaging supplied is sufficient for designated method of transportation.

For an additional fee and with advance notice prior to execution of the rental agreement, Kulture Bomb can provide new packaging materials for merchandise and also repackage the items scheduled for return. Kulture Bomb must be notified prior to payment and signature of the rental agreement if we are to furnish delivery of goods for pick up and/or return. Deliveries will be custom quoted prior to purchase. There is a one-time charge of $50 if Kulture bomb is to package materials for pick up. Alternatively, the rental applicant can use their own packaging if so desired. There will be a $5.00 charge per box in addition to a $5.00 charge for packing materials per box if Kulture Bomb is supplying packaging. A one-time $150 trip charge will also be applied to any orders that Kulture Bomb is asked to package on site for return. 


Inspection Terms

All products must be inspected prior to pick up. Any “damages” must be noted on the rental agreement before goods are accepted. “Damages” are defined as any chips, cracks, scratches, or permanent marks on a product that are not an inherent characteristic of the item; any scratches or markings that would prohibit the product from being sold as “new” or “like new” condition; any missing parts or components that are part of the item’s aesthetics or prohibitive of its function; and any items requiring additional cleaning of dirt and debris.


If Kulture Bomb is arranging the return, all items will be inspected prior to packaging. When items are packaged and returned by the customer, all goods will be inspected and charged accordingly upon their arrival.

Items desired for purchase after the rental period can be bought for 20% off the retail value. The total rental cost for those items will be credited towards the discounted purchasing price.


Rental Period Terms

The rental period, “week”, begins on the day of pick-up and continues for seven days. At the end of the seventh day, you are allowed one extra “grace” half day (must be returned by 1pm) to return your items.

For instance, if you were to pick up your order on a Monday, your rental period concludes on the following Sunday and all items must be returned to Kulture Bomb by 1pm the next day (Monday). If you do not return all items by 1 p.m. on your “grace” half day, you will charged for an additional week. Additional weeks are billed at the rate of 50% of the first week rental.


Long Term Rental Discounts

Rental periods longer than one week will be discounted as follows:

  • Week 1- Full rental price
  • Week 2- 50% discount off full rental price
  • Week 3- 50% discount off full rental price
  • Week 4- Free of charge

If all items are not returned before the agreed upon rental period expires, 80% of the full retail value of unreturned goods will be charged. If you wish to extend your rental period beyond what is agreed upon in the original rental agreement, Kulture Bomb must be notified in writing of an extension at least 24 hours before the rental agreement period expires.


Student Discounts

We provide students with a 20% discount if they are able to provide us the following:

  • A valid student identification card.
  • A letter on school letterhead confirming that the rental is for a student film or staging project, including name, phone number, and email address of the contact person at the school.


Credits Discounts

Further discounts can be applied to rentals and fees for social media postings, proper credits, "Special Thanks," and logo shots for film/television as pre-negotiated and outlined in the rental contract prior to execution.


Staging and Set Design

Staging and set design services are available and must be negotiated prior to rental. There is a $500 design retainer for up to 8 hours of work including transit to and from locations. Additional hours and days can be negotiated based on final scope of work.


If you have any questions about our rental terms, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you!