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At Modish, we have a curated collection of driftwood decor, furniture and lighting products for your modern home. Our special focus on sustainability and environment has led to a large range of refurbished, reclaimed & recycled products that are stylish and chic. The Modish catalogue consists of high quality, exquisite, hand-crafted or artisan made items sourced from different countries in rustic, industrial, farmhouse and vintage styles. We sell reputed brands like Kalalou, Artisan Living, Modway, HomArt, Zuo, GoHome, Vagabond, Gold Leaf, Zodax etc.


If you are someone who believes in sustainable living, has a love for nature and likes to give back to the environment in any way you can, there is nothing better than bringing home driftwood products. Available in a vast array of designs, driftwood décor, driftwood decorative furniture and driftwood lighting items are perfect additions to your living space.

After all, your home is an extension of your personality, and the kind of furniture, home décor and lighting you choose, speaks a lot about your individual taste and style. Driftwood products are exactly what you need to showcase your preference and sentiments towards making environmentally-friendly choices.

In addition to being a renewable, versatile and natural resource, each driftwood product has a unique history that’s shrouded in mystery. While no one can say where a particular piece of driftwood has come from and the journey it has undertaken to get to you, driftwood products have a natural charm, lending your home décor an element of mystique and adventure that is exciting and enthralling.

First things first, what is driftwood?

Driftwood is a kind of raw and organic wood form that is created naturally and is obtained from the ocean. More often than not, driftwood comprises of tree remains such as twigs and logs that get washed ashore beaches, rivers and seas, eroded and weathered by the waters and cured by the salt. Sun-bleached and treated, driftwood has an attractive natural finish that makes it a perfect raw material for building attractive décor and furniture pieces that are unique, rustic and oozing with character. In fact, you can never find two pieces of driftwood furniture that are exactly the same, be it driftwood centerpiece, driftwood sculpture, driftwood coffee table or driftwood wall art, thus adding intrigue and individuality to these décor favorites!


Staying true to our dedication to promoting sustainable and green products, Modish brings you a large and eclectic range of superior-quality driftwood décor ideas and driftwood furniture for sale from some of the best furniture, lighting and décor brands in the world. The great thing about our collection of driftwood is the sheer versatility and the choices we offer in terms of shapes, colors, styles and designs of driftwood products. Exuding a high degree of countryside charm and design sensibilities that are unique, complex and exceptionally artistic, our driftwood products are hand-made and nature-made solutions to your décor and design needs.

Are you looking for a large signature driftwood piece such as a driftwood bar or a delightful table base to accentuate your room décor? Maybe you prefer small driftwood pieces like a table lamp, mirror or driftwood fish to bring nature indoors? Whatever your preferences, the stunning Modish Driftwood Collection will fulfill all your aspirations and dreams while making your shopping experience hassle-free and deeply fulfilling.

Take, for example, our best-selling Driftwood Table Bases in dense bleached tropical driftwood that serve heart-warming reminders of the ocean or the Diamond Home Teak Root Console with glass top that looks gorgeous with its natural driftwood branches, topped with clear glass for a match made in heaven.

And that’s not all. In addition to driftwood furniture pieces, we also offer some of the most fascinating driftwood décor and lighting products that are charming and graceful accompaniments for your living room, bedroom, dining room, porch or the garden.

Our customers love the Natural Ivory Horizontal Driftwood Candelabra and Pillar Candle Holder, the Driftwood Willow Trees as well as the Decorative Rustic Driftwood Cone Trees that look picture-perfect on any mantel.

What is driftwood furniture?

Driftwood furniture is a type of eco-friendly furniture that is made using different pieces of driftwood in varying shapes and sizes that have been obtained from near water bodies. While it is a beach house favorite, driftwood decorative furniture such as tables, table and lamp bases, chairs, benches, shelves, and mirror frames, etc. have the ability to sprinkle a generous dose of homely charm to almost any kind of home décor. Since driftwood is usually found on the beach, it is important to clean it thoroughly and remove all traces of sand, dirt and organisms that may be living in it before it can be used in construction.

What is driftwood made of?

Driftwood is usually made of the tree remains that get washed into the ocean due to natural factors like floods, storms, hurricanes and strong winds, etc., even logging. During their journey through the waters of the rivers and oceans, these pieces get rounded and smoothed due to tidal and wave actions. Driftwood logs, sticks, and twigs may seem ordinary, but when presented in the right way and used correctly, they become gorgeous pieces of art also while serving numerous practical purposes around the home. The great thing about driftwood is that its subtle intricate beauty is incomparable to anything you have ever seen before, one-of-a-kind and completely authentic gifts of nature.

What kind of driftwood furniture is best for the home?

Driftwood furniture is growing in popularity because of its ultra-natural, beach-style look and the numerous choices it offers to decorate your indoor and outdoor spaces with style. Depending on your taste, you can select multiple driftwood furniture pieces such as a driftwood dining table and a driftwood chair or just one centerpiece for your home like a driftwood coffee table with glass top or a driftwood bar.

How strong is driftwood furniture?

Furniture made from driftwood is medium strong due to the corrosion caused during its journey through the waters. While products like driftwood desks and driftwood coffee tables are sturdy enough for home use, very large structures may not be durable, especially if they are made to hold a lot of weight. If you are wondering where to buy good driftwood furniture online, that will give you good results and last you for years to come, shop for driftwood products at a reliable source such as the Modish Store where we offer some of the most reputed driftwood furniture brands in one place.

All the products on our website are brought to you by companies that have the expertise and the skills to construct exceptional driftwood furniture using the right driftwood pieces, based on their strength, quality and durability. Some of these include Artisan Living, Garden Age Supply, Kalalou, Dimond Lighting, Sterling Industries, Uttermost, and more.

Is outdoor driftwood furniture water resistant?

Driftwood comes from natural sources and gains its distinctive personality during its travels through the waters. If left unprotected and not treated correctly, it may get stained. Hence, it is recommended to air dry your furniture. So go ahead and shop at Modish for your favorite patio or garden driftwood furniture and relax in the comforts of these rustic beauties.

What kind of look does driftwood décor have?

Driftwood décor and furniture pieces are one of the trendiest décor themes this season and with good reason. They are light in color, smooth and waterproof, and they offer unlimited design possibilities, each more creative and eye-catching than the other. Since driftwood is nature’s endowment to us, it has a completely unrefined, organic and natural look, reminiscent of the beach or the seaside. Driftwood’s warm and earthy tones and intricate texture can easily complement your home’s color palette and overall look.

Driftwood lighting and décor pieces are so attractive that a single driftwood art, wall hanging or coffee table base can become a centerpiece in your home that everyone compliments you on! Though not necessarily functional, decorative driftwood is quite the rage these days as it allows homeowners to display the natural beauty and uniqueness of driftwood.

What are the most popular and best selling driftwood products?

Driftwood is a versatile material that is used to create a large number of enchanting driftwood products for the home, patio, garden and office. These products are largely available in three broad categories - Driftwood Décor, Driftwood Lighting and Driftwood Furniture, perfect for beautifying and enhancing your interiors and outdoors.

The most popular and best-selling driftwood products include coffee tables, driftwood candle holder, driftwood cone trees, driftwood pillar candle holder, natural teak root console with glass top, driftwood floor lamp, driftwood chandelier, driftwood frames, driftwood wall trees, driftwood mirror, and driftwood stands, among others.

Are there any precautions to follow while using driftwood products?

While driftwood products are lovely additions to your home and outdoors, it is important to ensure that these products are kept away from sources of heat and fire to avoid fire hazards. Driftwood pieces found on the beach may be infested with organisms. Hence, proper cleaning is a must to ensure that the driftwood you bring home is safe to use.

How to incorporate driftwood décor into your space?

Irrespective of whether or not you live by the beach, you can give your home a relaxed coastal-feel by introducing driftwood into your décor. Since driftwood products are available in many sizes, styles and sensibilities, you get the flexibility to incorporate them into your space in a small or a big way. A lot of people these days are experimenting with DIY driftwood décor projects such as driftwood wall art to add their own twist to their driftwood home décor.

At Modish, you will find some of the most attractive driftwood decorative wall art, wall décor items and driftwood light fixtures that are functional and fascinating. You are sure to fall in love with our vertical and horizontal driftwood candelabra, driftwood mirror, driftwood buffet lamp, driftwood bird, driftwood anchor, driftwood tree and the numerous other driftwood décor pieces on sale at the Modish store.

Congratulations on your decision to buy driftwood. Bringing home a driftwood product is akin to bringing home a memorable reminder of nature and its many bounties. As you may already know, no two driftwood products can ever be exactly the same which means that when you buy driftwood online or at a store, you become the proud owner of unique and one-of-a-kind driftwood furniture, décor or lighting products that are pleasing pieces of art.

Let’s take a look at some factors to keep in mind when shopping for driftwood products

Driftwood is a renewable resource that is obtained from nature. When you purchase driftwood furniture and other décor items, you are not only supporting a green lifestyle but also giving back to the environment.

Driftwood is a wonder of nature and unique in its constitution. Every piece of driftwood has a special color, texture, finish and style, making it a versatile material that can be used in commercial applications as well as for home decoration and personal use. Rest assured that each driftwood product you own will be distinctive.

Decorative and functional, driftwood products are available in a variety of different sizes, small and large. So whether you have limited space on the mantle/wall or plenty of space in the living room/bedroom, you will easily find a driftwood product that will fill the blank spaces beautifully and raise the bar when it comes to decking up your home and upgrading its décor. Some examples include driftwood candle holders, mirror or photo frames, key holders, wall art, lamp stands and coffee tables, etc.

Your home furniture sets the tone of your home. By investing in natural driftwood decorative furniture, you can usher in a world of creative possibilities that you can play around with and make your own. For example, a driftwood king chair or a root console with glass top make perfect driftwood centerpieces that can be given pride of place in your living room for that super homely look. Or you can bring home a driftwood branch bench for your garden and spend many relaxed evenings with your family and friends, being one with nature.

Driftwood furniture is available for indoors as well as outdoors. The most popular form of driftwood furniture includes driftwood table bases, coffee and cocktail tables, end tables, driftwood bench, driftwood chair, counter stools, driftwood shelves, driftwood bathroom mirror, driftwood kitchen table, and much more.

From beach-style, classic and contemporary to modern, rustic, vintage and traditional, driftwood products come in a variety of styles, each more attractive and eye-catching than the other. At Modish, you will find driftwood products in patterns as diverse as geometric, solid and transparent and shapes like round, square, rectangle, and oval.

With so many choices available in driftwood, you can be assured of adding a distinctive character and personality to your home, office or commercial spaces, all while staying true to your love for nature and products that promote and support sustainability.

By the time driftwood makes its journey and reaches us, it is naturally cleaned, weathered and treated by the sea, salt and sun. However, once a stunning driftwood product comes home, it is important to care for it and keep it free from dirt and dust particles so it continues to look great and lasts you a lifetime.

It is essential to remember that your outdoor driftwood furniture can lose its color and slowly start to fade due to being exposed to the sun and other climatic/weather conditions in your area. However, with regular care and maintenance, you can ensure that your driftwood furniture does not become weak.

Here are some general tips to help you take care of your driftwood products –

  • Use a dry cotton cloth to dust your indoor driftwood products.
  • Handle food items carefully as they may stain your driftwood table or furniture.
  • Refrain from using harmful chemical cleaners.
  • Clean the dirt from your outdoor furniture gently using a wet soapy cloth or a brush with soft bristles.
  • Don’t leave your outdoor furniture wet. Let it dry out as soon as possible.
  • Keep untreated wood away from direct sunlight and rains.
  • When shopping for driftwood, invest in professionally-treated driftwood products from reputed brands to ensure that your favourite driftwood items last long and give you the best experience.

Keep in mind that over a period of time, due to exposure to environmental factors, your outdoor furniture will start to lose its shine and fade. This is natural. However, if you care for your driftwood furniture, décor items and lighting fixtures, you can bask in the beauty and aesthetic appeal of these driftwood products for years to come.

So what are you waiting for? Celebrate the warmth and originality of driftwood. Start shopping for driftwood products at the Modish store where you will find carefully handpicked driftwood products that are meant to redefine your living spaces and turn your home into an artful haven.

Come - experience the pleasures of owning driftwood.

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