When then boyfriend and girlfriend Paul and Nina decided to move in together, they ran into the one big issue all couples face when deciding to take the plunge and share an address – what to do with all their STUFF? Realizing hers was too “femme” and his too “bachelor” the couple decided to sell off anything they didn’t both love and set out to fill in the gaps with items that fit both their tastes.


After months of hitting all the “go-to” home décor suspects in and around Los Angeles and coming up frustratingly short, they came to the realization that what they were after was nearly impossible to find – a one-stop-shop with an eclectic mix of new and vintage home décor items that were interesting and unique. Realizing there was clearly a void in the marketplace for a shop such as this they decided to set out and create the kind of store that had a little something for everyone – it was then that Kulture Bomb was born.


Paul and Nina hope you’ll feel the same love and appreciation for the things that comprise their online shop as they do. Each item is hand picked by them, for you, and with a sincere hope that once a Kulture Bomb item is in your home it will bring you years of joy.