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HomArt’s hand-blown round and Straight Fisherman’s Glass Bottle displays purposeful variations in seeding, an antique green color with a slight brown hue, and an indented bottom. Eye-catching décor for a shelf or counter, the Fisherman’s Glass Bottles can be used as a container or vase to house flowers, ferns, or even an SOS and pair interestingly with HomArt’s Tide Glass Crocks for a unique ocean-themed area. HomArt’s round and Straight Fisherman’s Glass Bottle measures 5.75 x 7.5 inches. A straight version is also available.

  • Product Description

    HomArt Fisherman's Glass Bottle - Straight - Antique Green

    • Height : 9 in

    • Width : 4.25 in

    • Weight : 0.08 lb

    HomArt Fisherman's Glass Bottle - Round - Antique Green

    • Height : 7.5 in

    • Width : 5.75 in

    • Weight : 1.2 lb

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