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HomArt's Vintage Blue Basal Glass Bottle adds a subtle hint of the more than mundane to a home or office space, managing to dominate the imagination rather than the area. Combining enchanting blue hues and unique variation that stems from the hand blown and intentionally individualized nature of the product, HomArt's large Vintage Blue Basal Glass Bottle measures 4 x 13 inches and small Vintage Blue Basal Glass Bottle measures 3.5 x 9 inches.

  • Product Description

    HomArt Basal Glass Bottle - Small - Vintage Blue

    • Height : 9 in

    • Width : 3.5 in

    • Weight : 1.05 lb

    HomArt Basal Glass Bottle - Large - Vintage Blue

    • Height : 13 in

    • Width : 4 in

    • Weight : 1.95 lb

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